aut Aug 22 2016 aut How To Save Money With Cremation

Death comes to us like a thief. When a family member or a friend suddenly leaves this world, we find it hard to accept the fate that had happened to them. It is never easy to just move on and be able to smile away these kinds of painful events in our lives. After all, we have been with these important people through thick and thin. Seeing them lifeless and unresponsive will greatly affect us whether we like it or not.

Such painful departure will indeed make us realize many things and tighten our chests as we accept that they are no longer here with us on earth.

Aside from the pain and the negativity that the death of a loved one may give to us, we also have that struggle with time. We have time constraints when it comes to prioritizing the needs that we have to deal with and the visitors that we need to talk to. Instead of wallowing in pain all alone and dealing with our own personal struggles, we persevere to do many things in a very short time. But this isn’t easy for us. Not at all. It’s a constant effort for us to accept things quickly despite the sudden changes in our lives.

Funeral servicesIn addition to the pain and the time that we need to cope up with, the financial burden also adds fuel to the fire that we are feeling. When death befalls our loved ones, great financial demands also befall our pockets. It’s definitely not an easy thing for us to produce money when we are deeply hurting inside. Suffering from a great loss will definitely affect our productivity and sense of practicality. Thus, it is a must for us to be financially ready and sufficient when it comes to preparing for the funeral and the burial ceremonies of our deceased loved one. When our budget isn’t enough for a traditional burial process, we can always avail the cremation service for a family member or a friend.

Instead of providing an expensive and glamorous casket for our departed loved one, we can already choose a cheaper and simpler casket in cremation that will not be too much for our budget. With this option, we will not be forced to find sources of fund just for the casket alone. Since the casket together with the body will just be burned in the process, we are not required to provide a state of the art casket for our dearly beloved.

Another thing to consider during burial ceremonies is the cemetery where we will put the body of our deceased loved one. Aside from the service fee that we will be giving to those people who will organize and bury the body of our family member or friend, we will also think of the fee that we will pay for the cemetery lot that we will be choosing from our loved one. There are just so many things to consider. But with cremation we need not worry much about these concerns. After the crematory procedure, we don’t need to hire people who will organize the burial ceremonies. We also don’t need to buy a cemetery lot because we only need an urn to take care of the remains of our loved ones.

CremationIn the long run, cremation will also lessen our expenses in so many ways. Instead of bringing flowers and candles once in a while in a cemetery, we can just offer a long-lasting candle and cute flowers without the fear of other people destroying it in our absence. Instead hiring caretakers that would clean and maintain the state of our loved ones’ tomb, we can already be the ones to ensure the safety of their remains. Without any maintenance needed, we are confident that the remains of our loved ones are safe in our hands. In the future, we are also not forced to spend gasoline and travel all the way from our home to the cemetery just to visit them when we feel like it. Within reach, we can already hold the essence of our dearly beloved.

Most of us aren’t that open when it comes to the cremation of our deceased loved ones. But we must also consider many things in the process. When an important person leaves us, we only have few options to preserve whatever we can from their remains. Through this process, we will be able to save money and save our connection to our departed ones.

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aut Jan 8 2016 aut Why Buy a Garden City Long Island Real Estate?

Real EstateGarden City is an upscale village in the town of Hempstead, Nassau County in Long Island. Located southeast of New York City, this attractive place shows off a more relaxed atmosphere famous to the high-class society. With its neighborhood composed of established lawyers in New York, CEOs of some fortune 500 companies, celebrities and wealthy businessmen, the garden city long island real estate has created a buzz in the upper-middle class all over the country and even in the international market. It has been very attractive to people who would like to settle down in a luxurious village.

Of course, some people could not help but have reservations about purchasing a property in this lovely, quiet community. They’d often ask themselves “why buy a garden city long island real estate?” Well, here are just a few reasons that could hopefully convince home seekers to start looking for their perfect garden city long island real estate.


Garden City is about 61% safer than most villages, towns and cities in America and lower crime rate than 47% of the areas in the state of New York. Take note as well that violent crimes such as armed robbery, murder, rape and assault happen relatively less frequently than in most of the communities in the country. This means that people are assured of a safe place to live in that is just outside the New York metropolis


Most of the people living in this village are professionals as about 95% of the population is working in white-collar jobs. People here are either from Wall Street, have sales jobs or working as managers of different financial or sales companies. Residents of Garden City work in computers and mathematics than 95% of the towns, cities and villages in the rest of America. Interestingly, 66% of the residents here are college graduates. What does this mean? People seeking a new home here will live next to neighbors who are urban sophisticates and therefore can be can be confident that instances of violence or hostility are very much reduced.


The average time for commuting to and from work is about 30-40 minutes. While this might be a little longer than the national average, it is something worth tolerating if you are living in a peaceful place like Garden City. The presence of a reliable public transport helps residents to have a hassle-free journey to and from the city. Most residents avoid the stress by leaving their cars at home and just take the trains to avoid the rush hour traffic.


Garden City is also an excellent place for families with young children as there are a total of 16 schools, 8 public and 8 parochial non public schools within the village. Families can also enjoy the museums found here. These are the Cradle of Aviation Museum, The Francis X, and Long Island Children’s Museum. Pendl Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center. Young professionals seeking a home here need not be intimidated by the place for there are a lot of shopping areas, dining establishments situated inside Garden City. In fact, within a mile ratio, there are about 11 groceries, 20 food and drink establishments, 20 shops, 6 libraries and book shops, 20 public transit stations and/or stops, 8 parks and 3 gyms.

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aut Dec 17 2015 aut The Basic Process of Making the Inner Core in PCB Fabrication

There are some differences in procedures between making a home-made DIY printed circuit board (PCB) and manufacturing it in large quantities. This article will discuss the basic process of making the inner core of a design during PCB fabrication when made in large quantities by a professional manufacturer. Pcbnet is one stop solution to know more about PCB fabrication and process of Inner Core  manufacturing.

The first step in inner core PCB fabrication is making the design or layout of the board. Usually, this is done with computer-aided design (CAD) software. Previously, before CAD programs were invented, the layout is manually drawn and traced on a substrate board. The manual process is a lot more time-consuming and labor-intensive but it is still being used today, albeit very rarely, only in home-made PCBs with very simple designs.

The industry accepted output format of a CAD PCB design is called Extended Gerber (RS274X). The Gerber format is a two-dimensional vector picture format that illustrates the different parts of a PCB design such as the copper layers, holes, legends and masks. It contains the whole illustration of a PCB design with no need of other supplemental files. This means that it is a standalone file that describes PCB layers completely. This makes manufacturing a lot easier and faster.

PCB fabricationAfter the file is validated by a process engineer, the design is now ready to be photo-tooled. For modern PCB fabrication companies, the use of a device called photo plotter is common. The photo plotter converts the Gerber file into a hard copy image by using lasers to print it on a film. The film is developed to be used for mass production.

Only one layer of PCB design is printed in a single film. For multi-layered PCBs, several films are put on top of each other and aligned to create the final layout. This final layout is then registered into an imaging device.

Meanwhile, the PCB base or board is also being prepared. The base is usually made of fiberglass for strength and easy manipulation. A cheaper alternative is a phenol board. The base is coated with copper either on one side only (for single sided laminate) or on both sides (for double sided). Multi-layer configurations are the typical mass produced PCBs, and it requires a more complex process of photo imaging.

In this instance of making the inner core of a PCB, the fiberglass base, copper coatings, photo resist, and the resulting printout containing the prepared designs are stacked on top of one another and pressed with strong UV light to solidify the external coating and show the copper patterns.

The hardened board is then drenched with a chemical to soften the exterior for etching. After etching, the board is cleaned, dried, and made sure that no unwanted photo resist and printout stayed. What remained now is a board covered with the etched photo resist, in which underneath it is the designed copper pattern. The exposed and unnecessary copper pattern is again etched away to leave the photo resist pattern. Finally, the photo resist is peeled off to display the designed copper pattern on the board.The basic board is now finished. This basic board is used as the inner core for multi-layer PCB configurations.

In multi-layer PCB fabrication, once the basic board or inner core is loaded in the production line for assembly, any errors in the output can no longer be revised. Because of that, a thorough automatic optical inspection (AOI) is done either manually by certified company engineers or by a computer scanning program. Any inaccuracies are immediately shown after the scan for correction before mass production.

The process of making the PCB’s inner core is just the initial phase of producing a consumer-ready PCB product. Some of the subsequent processes are bonding (for multi-layer), drilling, plating, soldering, and testing, all of which are necessary to provide the best and most efficient product.

aut Nov 16 2015 aut Golf Iron Sets for Beginners

If you are new to golf, chances are you had no clue about the different types of golf clubs needed to play the game – up until you stepped inside a golf store and became overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from.

To start with, you will need to get at least 12 pieces of golf clubs to fill in your golf bag. Players with more experience tend to add two more specialty clubs to sweeten their game. But for a beginner, 12 would be sufficient. The set would include woods, a hybrid, irons, and a putter.

Each club in your golf bag has a specific purpose. They are not there simply to give you a workout as you lug it around from hole to hole.

For long shots that are approximately more than 175 yards from the green, you will need to use the driver wood or a 1. Other types of woods that golfers include in their golf bag are the 3 and 5, also known as the fairway woods. Getting any of these clubs out of your bag would mean that you safely shot your ball onto fairway and that you are ready to make your way to the golf hole. Having the 1, 3, and 5 are a great start for beginners.

The hybrid combines the use of a wood head and an iron shaft into one club. Experts would typically recommend the numbers 3, 4, or 5 as the options for beginners. Test each one to determine which feels the best to hit with.

Of course, your game would not be complete unless you have a putter. This particular club has the esteemed role of placing the ball in the hole on the green. Attempting to use another club to hit the ball into the hole is a recipe for disaster. You will likely end up bouncing the ball out of the green instead.

As a beginner, the bulk of your golf bag will contain at least 7 irons. These particular clubs would be put into play when you are not more than 200 yards away from the green. When using irons, the rule is to use the higher iron number as you get closer to the green.

The common golf iron sets sold nowadays are numbered from 3 to 9. From this set, experts advise a beginner’s set to include all the numbers and to add a pitching wedge iron too.

The 1 iron is also referred to as the driving iron. It is practically obsolete today, although a number of advanced players would have a custom club included in their bag. Use of this iron as well as the 2 iron are hard to master, particularly for beginners.

Golf iron setsIn golf iron sets, the 3-iron along with the 2 are known as long irons. Because these provide minimum loft, it can drive the ball the farthest. For men, the 3-iron is best used at an average distance of 180 yards from the green. This particular iron is not recommended for women. Instead, experts advise the use of 5-wood or hybrid at an average distance of 160 yards.

The 4, 5, and 6-irons of golf iron sets are known as the middle irons. These are typically used at distances of 150 to 170 yards away from the course hole. For men, the 4 iron is advisable to use at a distance of 170 yards. Women can also use this at 150 yards, however, experts would recommend using a hybrid instead for an easier hit.

For the 5 iron, men can use this at the 160 yard mark, while women can use it at 140 yards. For the 6 iron, it is best used by men at 150 yards while women may use it at 130 yards.

Golf iron sets also include the 7, 8, and 9 irons. Using any of these short irons will help bring the ball into the air briefly when needed. For men, the advisable distance to use it is at 140 yards. For women, it is best used at 120 yards.

The 8 iron for men is best used at a distance of 130 yards. For women, it is advisable at a distance of 110 yards away from the green. For the 9 iron, men can use it best at 120 yards while women would get the most use from it at 100 yards.

Another iron included in most sets for beginners is the pitching wedge. This was originally numbered as the 10 iron. It is ideal to use when a golfer needs to hit the ball at a path that is greater and smaller than a 9 iron. Or at a path that is lesser and longer than a gap wedge could do.

For men, the pitching wedge is best used at a distance of 110 yards. While women can get the most use from it at a distance of 90 yards.

Other possible irons to add to your golf bag are the sand wedge and the lob wedge. As the name indicates, the sand wedge is intended to help golfers get out of soft turfs like sand bunkers. The lob wedge was designed to take shots over obstructions and to make accurate drops onto rolling green.

The choices for golf iron sets can undoubtedly intimidate any beginner in the game of golf. Still, it is rest assured that having these clubs in your golf bag will give you an edge over other beginners on the course.

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aut Oct 23 2015 aut How to use a lanyard in different ways

lanyardIf you are one of those who think that everything in this world were built with a secondary purpose in mind, then you probably believe that your lanyard has more to offer than merely holding IDs in place. Lucky for you, a lot of lanyard manufacturers today also think the same way. Their natural instinct for business survival motivates them and enables them to revolutionize their products.

That’s why the lanyards today can do the following:

1. Serve as an Add-on for Uniforms

The days in which it’s unnatural to see someone walking outside wearing a lanyard that bears the name of a company or a product are long gone. In fact, most companies today are ordering these cords in bulk, giving them away to their employees to be worn as a part of the required uniform. In this regard, some lanyard manufacturers even boast that they are experts in making and delivering high volumes of these lanyards to their customers. Aside from making their employees a lot prouder about their affiliation, companies also manage to boost the security within their offices through the use of these lanyards. After all, since these accessories are deemed part of the official getup, it’s only appropriate that anyone not wearing them should be met with suspicion (even blocked from entering the premises).

2. Carry Things other than Your ID

A lanyard manufacturer isn’t focused on the idea of how their product works, as such is believed to be obvious to consumers. Instead, they work on reminding everyone about potential applications that could easily be overlooked. For example, they will go out and tell you that their product works wonders in holding keys and small gadgets. They even go the distance and tell you that it can hold huge numbers of these items and its end part will never even fall despite carrying that much of a load. Those claims turn out to be true most of the time; however, you still need to be careful when placing these important accessories in a lanyard. Aside from that, no matter how effective the cord is in carrying relatively heavy things, it won’t be useful if you often forget to bring it with you.

3. Keep Valuables Hidden but Accessible

Many manufacturers around the country are joining the cause of creating specialized lanyards that serve as an accessory for keeping valuables. As an example, some phones are sold with free lanyards included in the set, providing you with the added comfort of being able to store your gadget inside your deep pockets without having the trouble of digging too deep to get it when somebody texts or calls you. All you need to do is to attach the end part of the lanyard to the slot specially created on the phone and you can easily pull it off from your pocket or from wherever you put your gadget in. It’s possible to do the same with your wallet, as long as it has the necessary attachment slot for these accessories.

Are these the only additional functions of lanyards? Obviously, the answer is no. There are probably dozens or even hundreds of other ways of using such durable cords. As a matter of fact, manufacturers aren’t the only ones trying to come up with these alternative uses. DIYers are also leading the charge in the quest for more ways of using a lanyard. Even you have the potential to discover several novel means of benefiting from this simple invention. All you need is your very own creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as a bit of time.

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aut Sep 15 2015 aut Reasons to use live chat for Business

Just over the span of a few years, the world wide web has given answers to one’s otherwise unanswerable questions. It has revolutionized shopping with just a few clicks of the mouse and a few taps on the keyboard. It has brought people much closer to one another. And now, it is aiming to provide business solutions not only to small companies but also to big conglomerates.

meetingsRegular meetings and appointments are unavoidable in the field of business. Managers and supervisors need to meet their employees but at the same time, they have to report to their directors and supervisors. Most of the time, they also have to visit their clients and stay in contact with their partners and principals among several other responsibilities. How can one keep up with all these though? It’s simple! With the power of the internet, one can utilize and take advantage of several instant messaging and live chat applications.

Live chat for business has become increasingly popular these days. Other companies and organizations should also start to consider how they should incorporate live chat into their businesses. Live chat for business is a super fast and a very effective way of communication that is much better than emails and text messaging. It is also more efficient than phone calls because it is free of charge and of course, because you can directly see the person you are making a deal with. It is also very easy to talk with more than one person in live chats. Hence, it can be a good substitute for business meetings especially between companies in two different continents. It is way better than waking up at 2:00 AM and catching the earliest flight to a place that is 14 hours away.

ideasThere are several downloadable applications for live chat over the internet. Most are free and there are few that charge a few bucks but are well worth it due to a more secure connection. Usually, these applications are really designed as live chat for business. One can just easily install them on his mobile phone, and then he is already carrying his office in his pocket. More recent live chat for business has also been designed to allow someone to send and receive files such as documents and presentations. In this way, two different parties can freely talk and discuss about their reports and projects anywhere, anytime.

Live chat for business is not only a great solution to an emergency meeting between two or more parties who are at the wrong place at the wrong time. It also allows people to multi-task and hence, do more work. If one company’s director is stuck in the worst traffic, he can still meet and give proper instructions to his secretary and employees online. In another occasion, while he is waiting for his flight to a business meeting in Europe, he can still give his reports and presentations about the status of on-going project to his superiors. No time is wasted with live chat. More work is done and thus, the company becomes more efficient.

customer Live chat is also very useful for customer relations in business. Clients who are having trouble with the products of a company can simply ask for help online. There is no need to write tons of emails that just might never reach company representatives anyway or wait for weeks just to get a useless reply. With live chat, a real time conversation can be made with one or more valued customer simultaneously. Answers and solutions can be given faster. Customer satisfaction rate will be much higher. And sales can subsequently increase too.