Nov 16 2015

Golf Iron Sets for Beginners

If you are new to golf, chances are you had no clue about the different types of golf clubs needed to play the game – up until you stepped inside a golf store and became overwhelmed by the number of options to choose from.

To start with, you will need to get at least 12 pieces of golf clubs to fill in your golf bag. Players with more experience tend to add two more specialty clubs to sweeten their game. But for a beginner, 12 would be sufficient. The set would include woods, a hybrid, irons, and a putter.

Each club in your golf bag has a specific purpose. They are not there simply to give you a workout as you lug it around from hole to hole.

For long shots that are approximately more than 175 yards from the green, you will need to use the driver wood or a 1. Other types of woods that golfers include in their golf bag are the 3 and 5, also known as the fairway woods. Getting any of these clubs out of your bag would mean that you safely shot your ball onto fairway and that you are ready to make your way to the golf hole. Having the 1, 3, and 5 are a great start for beginners.

The hybrid combines the use of a wood head and an iron shaft into one club. Experts would typically recommend the numbers 3, 4, or 5 as the options for beginners. Test each one to determine which feels the best to hit with.

Of course, your game would not be complete unless you have a putter. This particular club has the esteemed role of placing the ball in the hole on the green. Attempting to use another club to hit the ball into the hole is a recipe for disaster. You will likely end up bouncing the ball out of the green instead.

As a beginner, the bulk of your golf bag will contain at least 7 irons. These particular clubs would be put into play when you are not more than 200 yards away from the green. When using irons, the rule is to use the higher iron number as you get closer to the green.

The common golf iron sets sold nowadays are numbered from 3 to 9. From this set, experts advise a beginner’s set to include all the numbers and to add a pitching wedge iron too.

The 1 iron is also referred to as the driving iron. It is practically obsolete today, although a number of advanced players would have a custom club included in their bag. Use of this iron as well as the 2 iron are hard to master, particularly for beginners.

Golf iron setsIn golf iron sets, the 3-iron along with the 2 are known as long irons. Because these provide minimum loft, it can drive the ball the farthest. For men, the 3-iron is best used at an average distance of 180 yards from the green. This particular iron is not recommended for women. Instead, experts advise the use of 5-wood or hybrid at an average distance of 160 yards.

The 4, 5, and 6-irons of golf iron sets are known as the middle irons. These are typically used at distances of 150 to 170 yards away from the course hole. For men, the 4 iron is advisable to use at a distance of 170 yards. Women can also use this at 150 yards, however, experts would recommend using a hybrid instead for an easier hit.

For the 5 iron, men can use this at the 160 yard mark, while women can use it at 140 yards. For the 6 iron, it is best used by men at 150 yards while women may use it at 130 yards.

Golf iron sets also include the 7, 8, and 9 irons. Using any of these short irons will help bring the ball into the air briefly when needed. For men, the advisable distance to use it is at 140 yards. For women, it is best used at 120 yards.

The 8 iron for men is best used at a distance of 130 yards. For women, it is advisable at a distance of 110 yards away from the green. For the 9 iron, men can use it best at 120 yards while women would get the most use from it at 100 yards.

Another iron included in most sets for beginners is the pitching wedge. This was originally numbered as the 10 iron. It is ideal to use when a golfer needs to hit the ball at a path that is greater and smaller than a 9 iron. Or at a path that is lesser and longer than a gap wedge could do.

For men, the pitching wedge is best used at a distance of 110 yards. While women can get the most use from it at a distance of 90 yards.

Other possible irons to add to your golf bag are the sand wedge and the lob wedge. As the name indicates, the sand wedge is intended to help golfers get out of soft turfs like sand bunkers. The lob wedge was designed to take shots over obstructions and to make accurate drops onto rolling green.

The choices for golf iron sets can undoubtedly intimidate any beginner in the game of golf. Still, it is rest assured that having these clubs in your golf bag will give you an edge over other beginners on the course.

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Written by Joseph Kelly