Aug 22 2016

How To Save Money With Cremation

Death comes to us like a thief. When a family member or a friend suddenly leaves this world, we find it hard to accept the fate that had happened to them. It is never easy to just move on and be able to smile away these kinds of painful events in our lives. After all, we have been with these important people through thick and thin. Seeing them lifeless and unresponsive will greatly affect us whether we like it or not.

Such painful departure will indeed make us realize many things and tighten our chests as we accept that they are no longer here with us on earth.

Aside from the pain and the negativity that the death of a loved one may give to us, we also have that struggle with time. We have time constraints when it comes to prioritizing the needs that we have to deal with and the visitors that we need to talk to. Instead of wallowing in pain all alone and dealing with our own personal struggles, we persevere to do many things in a very short time. But this isn’t easy for us. Not at all. It’s a constant effort for us to accept things quickly despite the sudden changes in our lives.

Funeral servicesIn addition to the pain and the time that we need to cope up with, the financial burden also adds fuel to the fire that we are feeling. When death befalls our loved ones, great financial demands also befall our pockets. It’s definitely not an easy thing for us to produce money when we are deeply hurting inside. Suffering from a great loss will definitely affect our productivity and sense of practicality. Thus, it is a must for us to be financially ready and sufficient when it comes to preparing for the funeral and the burial ceremonies of our deceased loved one. When our budget isn’t enough for a traditional burial process, we can always avail the cremation service for a family member or a friend.

Instead of providing an expensive and glamorous casket for our departed loved one, we can already choose a cheaper and simpler casket in cremation that will not be too much for our budget. With this option, we will not be forced to find sources of fund just for the casket alone. Since the casket together with the body will just be burned in the process, we are not required to provide a state of the art casket for our dearly beloved.

Another thing to consider during burial ceremonies is the cemetery where we will put the body of our deceased loved one. Aside from the service fee that we will be giving to those people who will organize and bury the body of our family member or friend, we will also think of the fee that we will pay for the cemetery lot that we will be choosing from our loved one. There are just so many things to consider. But with cremation we need not worry much about these concerns. After the crematory procedure, we don’t need to hire people who will organize the burial ceremonies. We also don’t need to buy a cemetery lot because we only need an urn to take care of the remains of our loved ones.

CremationIn the long run, cremation will also lessen our expenses in so many ways. Instead of bringing flowers and candles once in a while in a cemetery, we can just offer a long-lasting candle and cute flowers without the fear of other people destroying it in our absence. Instead hiring caretakers that would clean and maintain the state of our loved ones’ tomb, we can already be the ones to ensure the safety of their remains. Without any maintenance needed, we are confident that the remains of our loved ones are safe in our hands. In the future, we are also not forced to spend gasoline and travel all the way from our home to the cemetery just to visit them when we feel like it. Within reach, we can already hold the essence of our dearly beloved.

Most of us aren’t that open when it comes to the cremation of our deceased loved ones. But we must also consider many things in the process. When an important person leaves us, we only have few options to preserve whatever we can from their remains. Through this process, we will be able to save money and save our connection to our departed ones.

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Gentry Griffey became the only funeral home to operate an on-site crematory. Whether you are in need of traditional funeral options or cremation services.

Written by Vicente Trimmer