Oct 23 2015

How to use a lanyard in different ways

lanyardIf you are one of those who think that everything in this world were built with a secondary purpose in mind, then you probably believe that your lanyard has more to offer than merely holding IDs in place. Lucky for you, a lot of lanyard manufacturers today also think the same way. Their natural instinct for business survival motivates them and enables them to revolutionize their products.

That’s why the lanyards today can do the following:

1. Serve as an Add-on for Uniforms

The days in which it’s unnatural to see someone walking outside wearing a lanyard that bears the name of a company or a product are long gone. In fact, most companies today are ordering these cords in bulk, giving them away to their employees to be worn as a part of the required uniform. In this regard, some lanyard manufacturers even boast that they are experts in making and delivering high volumes of these lanyards to their customers. Aside from making their employees a lot prouder about their affiliation, companies also manage to boost the security within their offices through the use of these lanyards. After all, since these accessories are deemed part of the official getup, it’s only appropriate that anyone not wearing them should be met with suspicion (even blocked from entering the premises).

2. Carry Things other than Your ID

A lanyard manufacturer isn’t focused on the idea of how their product works, as such is believed to be obvious to consumers. Instead, they work on reminding everyone about potential applications that could easily be overlooked. For example, they will go out and tell you that their product works wonders in holding keys and small gadgets. They even go the distance and tell you that it can hold huge numbers of these items and its end part will never even fall despite carrying that much of a load. Those claims turn out to be true most of the time; however, you still need to be careful when placing these important accessories in a lanyard. Aside from that, no matter how effective the cord is in carrying relatively heavy things, it won’t be useful if you often forget to bring it with you.

3. Keep Valuables Hidden but Accessible

Many manufacturers around the country are joining the cause of creating specialized lanyards that serve as an accessory for keeping valuables. As an example, some phones are sold with free lanyards included in the set, providing you with the added comfort of being able to store your gadget inside your deep pockets without having the trouble of digging too deep to get it when somebody texts or calls you. All you need to do is to attach the end part of the lanyard to the slot specially created on the phone and you can easily pull it off from your pocket or from wherever you put your gadget in. It’s possible to do the same with your wallet, as long as it has the necessary attachment slot for these accessories.

Are these the only additional functions of lanyards? Obviously, the answer is no. There are probably dozens or even hundreds of other ways of using such durable cords. As a matter of fact, manufacturers aren’t the only ones trying to come up with these alternative uses. DIYers are also leading the charge in the quest for more ways of using a lanyard. Even you have the potential to discover several novel means of benefiting from this simple invention. All you need is your very own creativity and problem-solving skills, as well as a bit of time.

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Written by Barbara Colbert