Jan 8 2016

Why Buy a Garden City Long Island Real Estate?

Real EstateGarden City is an upscale village in the town of Hempstead, Nassau County in Long Island. Located southeast of New York City, this attractive place shows off a more relaxed atmosphere famous to the high-class society. With its neighborhood composed of established lawyers in New York, CEOs of some fortune 500 companies, celebrities and wealthy businessmen, the garden city long island real estate has created a buzz in the upper-middle class all over the country and even in the international market. It has been very attractive to people who would like to settle down in a luxurious village.

Of course, some people could not help but have reservations about purchasing a property in this lovely, quiet community. They’d often ask themselves “why buy a garden city long island real estate?” Well, here are just a few reasons that could hopefully convince home seekers to start looking for their perfect garden city long island real estate.


Garden City is about 61% safer than most villages, towns and cities in America and lower crime rate than 47% of the areas in the state of New York. Take note as well that violent crimes such as armed robbery, murder, rape and assault happen relatively less frequently than in most of the communities in the country. This means that people are assured of a safe place to live in that is just outside the New York metropolis


Most of the people living in this village are professionals as about 95% of the population is working in white-collar jobs. People here are either from Wall Street, have sales jobs or working as managers of different financial or sales companies. Residents of Garden City work in computers and mathematics than 95% of the towns, cities and villages in the rest of America. Interestingly, 66% of the residents here are college graduates. What does this mean? People seeking a new home here will live next to neighbors who are urban sophisticates and therefore can be can be confident that instances of violence or hostility are very much reduced.


The average time for commuting to and from work is about 30-40 minutes. While this might be a little longer than the national average, it is something worth tolerating if you are living in a peaceful place like Garden City. The presence of a reliable public transport helps residents to have a hassle-free journey to and from the city. Most residents avoid the stress by leaving their cars at home and just take the trains to avoid the rush hour traffic.


Garden City is also an excellent place for families with young children as there are a total of 16 schools, 8 public and 8 parochial non public schools within the village. Families can also enjoy the museums found here. These are the Cradle of Aviation Museum, The Francis X, and Long Island Children’s Museum. Pendl Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center. Young professionals seeking a home here need not be intimidated by the place for there are a lot of shopping areas, dining establishments situated inside Garden City. In fact, within a mile ratio, there are about 11 groceries, 20 food and drink establishments, 20 shops, 6 libraries and book shops, 20 public transit stations and/or stops, 8 parks and 3 gyms.

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Written by George Maxwell